Body-centric healing of extreme trauma

The method consists of focussing one’s awareness on the physical body, and from there locating and healing wounds in the energy body until the energy body is repaired, and health is restored. So the principle is straightforward. The details are more involved, and I explain them here fully as seven umbrella elements, and seven detailed stages of the process.

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Presentation to the EPA Nice 2018

It was my pleasure and privelige to co-present, with fellow researcher and psychologist Rainer Kurz, a poster on display at the 2018 European Psychiatric Association conference in Nice, France entitled 'Body-centric healing of extreme trauma.' This poster was based on my healing essay of the same title and outlines some of the themes behind extreme... Continue Reading →

Aspects of organised extreme child abuse

Aspects - view as downloadable PDF Below I list aspects of extreme organised child abuse that have been reported by survivors. Many more could be listed. This list is based upon my own experience, supplemented by testimony of others who have reported similar crimes. This document was inspired by a discussion of the very fine... Continue Reading →


  Corroborations I have memories of abuse that have surfaced spontaneously from my body over the last four years. I have had to care for myself in this time, and deal with and heal the damage that became apparent in this process. I have also extensively assessed and investigated the information contained in these memories.... Continue Reading →

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