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My pen name is Declan Howard, and I have opened this site to publicise my essay on self-healing of extreme trauma, and to help with child abuse prevention.  I am a survivor of extreme and anomalous trauma, due to being conceived in an inter-generational cult hidden bloodline family. I refer to this Luciferian cult as the Queen-Thatcher-Savile cult. Most of the members are hybrids. I know this due to the recovery of previously unprocessed memories from my body, as a result of trying to inhabit my body and get it in working order for living. My memories corroborate strongly with the evidence of other witnesses and investigators, including Arizona Wilder, but I do not have the corroboration or profile necessary for legal proceedings. I was assessed and entered into priest training as a toddler. This training was not successful. I am no longer part of the cult and do not act for them in any way. The principle religious technique used is child killing. It is very disturbing and damaging to witness these events, and to be involved in them through forced perpetration, such as by having your body manipulated by a stronger person.

The control through abuse system has become insane and ineffective, and has to be further dismantled.

I will publish musical compositions and poetry on a separate site.

Cheers, Declan.


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